A Year of Barra Atlantic Gin

Throughout August we’ve been celebrating a year of Barra Atlantic Gin and we want to share some highlights from the truly amazing adventure that has been the last 12 months.

  • It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since we launched and the first bottles of our inaugural product, Barra Atlantic Gin, were ordered. It’s safe to say everyone here at the Isle of Barra Distillers has been blown away by the support we have received from day one.

    As the only spirit from the Isle of Barra, it was our goal from the word go to create a premium product that not only Barra could be proud of but would have appeal beyond the island and resonate with gin lovers far and wide.

    In September we took a step towards bringing Barra Atlantic Gin to a new audience when we were selected as the official gin of the John Smedley fashion show at London Fashion Week. As creators of some of the finest knitwear in the world and with craftsmanship and quality at their core, this was an ideal pairing and gave us an opportunity to showcase the product we are so proud of to a new audience.

    Following on from the success of London Fashion Week, we achieved further success when in November we were featured in both GQ and Vogue Magazines’ Christmas Gift Guides. As the ultimate fashion and lifestyle guide for a combined readership of over 1.5 million across the UK, this was a huge step forward in bringing our product and small island home to a global audience.



    With various successes in the UK within the first few months, we were incredibly thankful for the way our audience had embraced Barra Atlantic Gin and we were delighted to be stocked in some incredible bars and restaurants such as The Kitchin, luxury cruise ship The Hebridean Princess and Brian Maule at Chardon d’Or (more on that here). We were still keen to bring our gin to an even wider audience however, and in March we officially began exporting to our first country out with the UK – Denmark! Read the full story on this exciting milestone here.



    Although we’re immensely proud of all that has been achieved within our first year, this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our ever-growing customer base. We have been amazed to see our gin being enjoyed everywhere from Castlebay to Canada and beyond!



    With big plans in place for the future the hard work doesn’t stop here on Barra. For now, though, we’re raising a glass to everyone who has supported us this far. Here’s to the future!



  • Barra Atlantic

    Barra Atlantic Gin showcases a perfect balance of floral and herbal on the nose, leading to juniper, citrus and dulcet carrageen rolling across the tongue like mighty Atlantic surf breaking on Barra shores.

    Refreshing and clean, with a long, gratifyingly warm spice finish that opens out like the vast vista surrounding our beautifully remote home

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