Reflecting on Lockdown!

How are you all keeping? We’re all very well and safe here on the Isle of Barra and whilst lockdown has continued, we realise more and more each day that social distancing and isolating is something we have been doing unknowingly for all our lives on our Island.

  • Yes, you read right…


    With our small population of 1200 – 1300 people you do find your day to day routine, even under normal circumstances can be very isolating. Whilst we don’t have the hustle and bustle of town or city living, we also don’t face much traffic on the one main road which circles our home or on pedestrian pavements (not that we have many of them here either). Most of our houses have enormous back gardens or even crofts surrounding us, allowing you to roam for miles without any danger.


    We are extremely lucky to live where we do at the best of times, never mind during our current pandemic. The difference of being on an Island to the mainland at this moment in time is huge. We are able to roam freely for hours and not see a single soul. Taking to the hills or the beach you are sure to be the only one there at any time and this certainly gives us the desired break and exercise we require on a daily basis whilst keeping safe and abiding by the rules. The scenery alone from our windows or garden can only be dreamt of during a time like this.


    Of course, life isn’t completely normal for us and we’d be lying if we said otherwise…you still have the edgy trip to the coop for your food shop which you make sure you can justify, no more nipping in for one or two items at a time for us! And ensuring you keep your distance during this can be quite difficult and a waiting game if you are stuck down an aisle waiting for the shopper in front to make their decision on what they are buying. All we can say is thank goodness we aren’t going through this when we had our first small coop where Buth Bharraigh is today - those of you may remember what we’re referring to – but if not, to give you an idea it was simply a tiny, two aisle coop. Oh how the times have changed!


    This time of year is normally booming on Barra, it’s the start of the season where we welcome visitors by ferry and flight, along with family and friends returning home for a well earned break. The roads are busier with cars and campervans, we seen tents pitched on the coastal campsites along with the pubs, restaurants and hotels filling for the foreseeable. It’s a great time for catching up and enjoying what Barra has to offer after yet another harsh, dark winter.


    We are also missing welcoming visitors and locals into our Distillery shop for a blether this year, however we’re thankful we can have a chat over the phone or by email – it’s all about adapting to the current circumstances.


    From all at the Isle of Barra Distillers, we wish you all health and happiness and hope you remain safe, positive and busy wherever you may be.

    Take care!