The adventurous spirit of Barra people inspires our unique gin. Our main botanical, carrageen seaweed, is collected wild on the shores of the Isle of Barra.

Barra Atlantic Gin is an island born, fearless spirit

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  • Island

    Barra stands steadfastly on Europe's western frontier, with only the vast expanses of the Atlantic Ocean between us and North America's eastern seaboard. 

    From the courageous settlers on this remote archipelago 1,200 years ago to their 21st century successors, our roots are grounded but our vision is as limitless as the horizon and skies around us. 

    Our Spirit
  • Fearless

    Cheek by jowl with the mighty Atlantic, the ocean is a literal source of inspiration, bringing the unique ingredients we use to our shores.

    Our 18th Century ancestors left Barra and voyaged into the unknown to become new world pioneers. Their spirit embodies ours as we venture forth fearlessly to take the best of Barra to the world.

    Our Gin
  • Barra
    Atlantic Gin

    Barra Atlantic Gin showcases a perfect balance of floral and herbal on the nose, leading to juniper, citrus and dulcet carrageen rolling across the tongue like mighty Atlantic surf breaking on Barra shores.

    Refreshing and clean, with a long, gratifyingly warm spice finish that opens out like the vast vista surrounding our beautifully remote home.

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